Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to Prepare for Major Exams

The ultimate goal of any student is to pass in their exams, may it be major or minor examination. Well, this goes to say that if a student is really concerned with his or her grades, then, passing can be a major issue.

But, how do we really prepare for major exams? These exams are pre-scheduled, thus, having known when to have them gives you enough time to review and prepare.

When I took my comprehensive exam as the commencing requirement before earning the degree of Masters in Public Administration, I prepared for a year. I started with skimming over readings given from an outline, read newspapers for relevant issues, prepared my notes, and re – read them. Basically, I mastered my resources. Now, these were countless resources with no finite questions to address. I simply enrich my reading for whatever possible question that may arise.

Thus, I tell my students to prepare ahead of schedule especially for their major tests. Having an outline, and studying with group mates can also be motivating and helpful. Preparing for an exam needs not be idle or boring, you can still have fun with your friends as you do recreational activities,  simply shop using  coupons   or  paint the town red through fun drinking and dancing.

Should there be topics that are not clear or simply not understood, getting a mentor can be an option.

More importantly, when you prepare for examinations, make sure that you have all the paper requirements like permits or clearances. That way, you can better focus on your tests.

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