Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Prepare for a School Project Panel Defense

The semester is almost over and as a typical requirement for subjects with inclusive projects to complete and defend, project defenses are soon to be set and scheduled.

To prepare my students for their final defense, I decided to hold a pre - project defense this Friday and Saturday to correct and improve their information system projects.

Just like any project, it is quite important that your project is well made and supported. Thus, with the given time to create and test a project, make sure that you abide strictly by the project's timetable.

To prepare you of possible questions during defense, you can ask your colleagues of questions pertaining to your  project at hand, take note of questions that you are not confident with or have lack of support.  Also, it will help you if you seek out an expert to be your dummy panelist. Just the same, take note of  the feedbacks.

Make sure that you have the proper documentation about your project; Note all your resources and references for credible support.

Lastly, you are the expert of your project, simply be confident and with the long painstaking works you have on your project, you can just hurdle through your defense with flying colors.

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