Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mobile Education in the Philippines

There are more than 250,000 street children in the major cities of the Philippines and while there are different reasons why this number continues to boom, private and public institutions pool their resources to provide mobile education among the street children and to remote areas where city schools are too remote to be attended to.

This is an excellent  strategy to make sure that education is dispersed even to the underprivileged.  Heroes say that the only way poverty can be alleviated is through education, and bringing this right to every one can be quite hopeful.

Along with this, different sectors bring forth education on other relevant issues including health problems and treatments including reviews  from  And, this is only timely because one of the top causes of deaths nowadays is colon cancer and finding ways to  treat or prevent this can indeed reduce or eventually eliminate instances of colon - related problems.

We can only hope that education, mobile or not, can define a better and healthy life for everyone.

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