Thursday, September 16, 2010

Online Jobs for My Students

WIth a hard life in the Philippines, it is only natural that most Filipinos look for second or nth job just to augment their present income.

This is one of the things we emphasize and teach our students that life is harder, so, they have to better appreciate their parents' efforts and hard labor.

For my other students, they get to join other online workers who do all sorts of works including programming jobs, technical support, writing tasks among others.

So, while my students and other graduates wait for full - time works, they make online jobs as their starting employment. While jobs can be bountiful,  security issues are not to be ignored. Thus, saving and investing their hard - earned income can make a difference.

We can only hope that while students do their online works, they can equally value their studies. We cannot compromise our future for an easy  short - term benefits.

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