Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pending Reunion with My Old Student

Come November, I shall be gone for a week to join my parents in their Hongkong trip. While we shall enjoy the pleasures of  an out-of-the country travel, I shall use the time to shop for the boutique. This new venture consumes much of my energy as I have to update it with latest fashion apparel and accessories at reasonable and competitive rates. Thus, our US items are now mixed with Bangkok, Korea and Hongkong novelties.

But, since we are new to the place, it makes us worried where to stay and how to go around the city. Good thing though that my old student from my previous school is now in Hongkong, working. So, she will somehow be our guide as we enjoy the week's trip.

The trip however will make me miss my second semester class and my family at home. Well, I just have to  see them when I get back.

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