Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reconnecting with Your Old Professors

I happened to read this "Tuesdays with Morrie" novel of a true story between an old professor diagnosed with ALS and an ambitious young man who reconnected because of the fatal disease.

It made me cry from cover to cover as it teaches compassion, love, service, life, commitment and other basic essentials that are oftentimes forgotten. What is more dramatic than learning this through the death of a loved one or a close person, in this case, a student to his dying professor.

It reminded me that when students graduate, they make their own lives through their chosen career. And, when professors are lucky to see them again, it only typical that the old memories are rekindled. But, oftentimes, teachers (and perhaps other older people) are forgotten not until they are on obituaries. Thus, the novel  reminds us to bond whenever we can, especially to the old ones who seem to be ignored and forgotten by the society.

The novel is a good teaching material about caring for people more than any materialistic possession.  So, perhaps, a quick time with your elders, closed friends, or loved ones can make you appreciate their roles in your life and that you are happy that they are around to be with you.

Lessons need not to conclude in classrooms. I guess the  true test about what we all have learned in school is how we act as individuals in the real world.

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