Sunday, September 26, 2010

School Intramurals Rocks the Road

Today is the start of the  six - day event of our school as we hold our sports intramurals. Since I only hold a part - time job with my school, I can go at any available time to the sports venue and just complete my week's required hours. I decided not to join in their early morning motorcade since I still have other valuable things to attend to.

I decided to be on long pants and shirts with high UV sunglasses as protection from the scourging sun but I wish I can buy a new pair of jogging shoes from a local store or best, from  an     online auction    for wider selection.  The long standing and walking only require me to be on rubber shoes for more ease and comfort.

As soon as I finish with my house works, I shall run and be up to head to our sports' venue.

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