Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Sports Events Heat Up

My day was quite filled with  long hours in school, business and bills. We are now on the fourth day of our six - day intramurals and then, another three weeks of academic instructions are soon to be hurdled with.

Today, indoor games like scrabble, word factory and chess were played in one of the school's rooms and the evening is set for cultural displays. 

Funny though that I was assigned as a scrabble official and though I had my fair share of playing when I was younger, I could not at all remember some rules in scrabble. I had to confirm the queries and rules with my co - official and the players themselves. LOL!

I was however felt so bored and sleepy waiting for the game to end. tsk ! tsk ! tsk ! Must be my sleep - deprived nights and busy days. 

Tomorrow is another day of playing but I am scheduled to hold our project defense. I can only hope that somehow I can finish all my tasks.

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