Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teacher's Worst Nightmare: Losing a Class Record

There are other worse things that can happen to a teacher but nothing beats losing a class record. I did experience this when I had to enter my papers' raw scores directly to my ASUS Eee PC notebook and it went KABOOM! So, I had to ask my students their quizzes and other classroom papers to record again their scores. But, not all papers were returned, so, I could only trust their honesty.

Now, I was knocked off again when I had lost my pre - final term class record. The only blessing, however, is that all the papers are still in my custody. I can only complain of re - writing the scores again and rechecking their laboratory works since the scores were only kept on a little sheet of paper. Sigh!

This is really all draining but I could not do otherwise.

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