Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuna Festival in GenSan City Up and Running

September is a festive month for us Generals as we celebrate Tuna Festival. History sets Tuna Festival on the 5th of September, but, for unanticipated reasons, the city government moved this year's celebration to third week of September.

In spite of the delay, the city is however, packed with countless talent showdowns, trade fairs, food exhibits and congress, competition to boost the pride and honor of city locals.

With the elegance and grandness of Tuna Festival every year, tourists from other cities and even foreign guests are appealed with the preparations and standoff of Tuna Festival.

So, to see the rest of the events that shall culminate until end of September,  you can see this schedule below.

Tunafest Schedule as of September 9, 2010

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