Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get Employed After (or Earlier) School

It is a natural course that individuals go through the hard toil of schooling for a decade or so, just to get the best training and education possible to make us all self - sustainable and reliant in the community we are in. Needless to say, we study, so, we can get work to earn a living.

But, the looming economy is not fully promising yet, so, with right education, skills and training, we can only be hopeful that we get a job.

So, to find a job is to be resourceful and search for companies that indeed need some extra personnel. You can start with your search on your local papers, school's human resource pooling department (normally, this is done by the Guidance Office), referrals from friends or loved ones, walk - in to companies for future hiring, and lastly, online directories for job placement.

But, if your search leads to no results, then, becoming a entrepreneur can be another option. Start your business on low capital but with unserved market. In this looming economy, we can only be creative.

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