Friday, October 29, 2010

How Do You Know You Pick the Right Course

Schooling is never easy; in fact, depending on your chosen course, it may take as short as six (6) months or as long as five (5) years. Worse, if you are a not – so – good school performer, you may end up completing your degree twice over.

Thus, it is very imperative that you pick the right course. But, how would you know that you shall love to pursue each day of your school classes? Needless to say, my practical advice is to just pursue your dream and you shall never get wrong. Well, economics may be too difficult on your choice, especially, if your chosen path poses no inviting or illuminating future. But, it will be more difficult and dragging to pursue a career out of force or pressure. While this pressure may be brought by parents or peers, I say, you lead your own life, so, regrets may not come abound.

But, it won’t hurt too to listen to the wisdom from your mentors ( most likely your parents and teachers) who know more your potentials.

Regardless of your choice, the bottomline for any degree is for you to have fun, to acquire skills and knowledge and to land a job and to be happy all about it. You can be quite lucky if you make a career out of your passion, then, each day can be an inspiration for you and for everyone else around you.

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