Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Make Enrolment Process Easy

It is second semester  already and as standard operating procedure among college schools, students have to go through enrolment process again. Our school, STI, shall officially start new semester’s class come November 8 which my kid and nephew  will also resume with their schooling.

But, how can students and/or parents can make their enrolment process easier and faster than usual. So, here are my basic tips:

  1. If you are a new student, gather all your admission papers (e.g. report card/transcript of record, honorable dismissal and other requirements needed for new students);
  2. Take note of the enrolment process of your admitting department. Normally, the school may have their flowchart of steps, take a copy of this to guide you through;
  3. If you are an old student, take a hold of your  old semester’s grades and clearance as these will take time;
  4. If picking of schedules are allowed, then, make a list already of these subjects and their corresponding schedules;
  5. Pay needed fees to help you cut back on fee collections.
  6. To make the process all fun, it will be less boring if you go through your enrolment procedure with buddies. 

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