Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to Make Your Semestral Break Productive

Today is the last day of final examination and everyone at school is simply enthusiastic that the semester if finally over. I for one, can only be relieved that my daily chores of teaching shall take a two – week halt.

But, while for the new semester to come, students and personnel can only take the time to get recharged for the new semester. But, what can be the tasks to do make the short vacation more worthwhile.

Well, I have made my short list as follows:

  • Help with the daily chores at home;
  • Tutor your younger siblings;
  • Look for parttime job until classes start (or go fulltime if you can);
  • Join friends or loved ones for a trip;
  • Learn a new skill (e.g. driving, programming, singing, and others);
  • Read new books;
  • Wander around local parks, malls, beaches

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