Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to Prepare for Project or Thesis Panel Defense

It is quite typical for computer system project to go through project defense, and normally, the defense is done with more than one panelist. But, how can you actually be ready for the big day and not exactly blow your months of hard toil?

Basically, project or even thesis defenses are pre - scheduled, and with these set deadlines, it is only very imperative that you have your project well researched, made, and studied. Your project or thesis defense can be well supported if you have the best advisor or mentor to guide you. It is also imperative that before you go to laborious extent of your project, this must be duly accepted and recognized by the institution, otherwise, your defense is bound to doom.

A thesis or project defense is based on your factual research, and, if this is actually what is supposed to be, your defense shall go smoothly without much fuss.

More importantly, make sure that you have your conviction on your study and its findings, and you can effectively communicate this to your panelists.

Your assessment then, is solely made from your research project and your actual defense. Thus, you can only do better than  get lost or sidetracked.

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