Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Prepare for Your Interview

It is only typical that right after school, your next stop is to find a job. Earning a job is no easy feat but with the right job application materials and superb interview, I am pretty sure that you shall have a greater edge to any job you wish to apply for.

To find a job is to create an excellent resume that is founded on solid facts and relevant information appropriate for the position you are applying for. Your main goal when you submit your resume is to have the opportunity for an interview. And, if this happens, you are are one step nearer to claiming a position.

So, when the day of interview comes, you can follow these practical tips:

  1. Have a copy of your application materials. Remember that application materials for each company must be unique. Thus, having your own copy will guide you as to what information you have shared and you can then be better prepared;
  2. Research on the company's profile. If a company has a website or any printed information, read on these and evaluate how you can better contribute to the company; 
  3. Come early. This will help you relax while waiting for your interview and allow you to observe their working environment.
  4. Dress appropriately. First impression really matters, thus, wear only the most appropriate outfit for the interview. You don't want to distract your interviewer(s) with your flashy or sexy or disturbing outfit. 
  5. Be confident. If you want the company to trust you, you have to trust yourself first. Thus, mind your mannerisms, hide your flaws like bulges, pimples or thinning hair since there are interventions like  best shampoo for thinning hair   that can somehow address your lapses.
  6. Lastly, mind your responses. Avoid criticisms or sarcasms in your voice. Observe ethics in answering or asking questions. Knowing the prevailing culture of the company can also guide you better. Moreover,  when you are done with your interview, gladly thank your interviewer.

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