Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Submit Your Grades on Time

As a teacher, making grades is simply one of the time - consuming tasks a teacher can endure. Well, if you have a class of 40, making the term grades can be that easy especially if there is a software to use. However, if you have 5 -8 subjects or more, then, grades can indeed make a teacher's life a living hell. LOL!

So, is there really an easy way to submit the grades on time? Actually, there  is no ABRACADRA formula to this but with only simple strategy, and making grades can be less cumbersome.

So, the basic solution is to manage your free time; that is, check your quizzes, classroom activities and exams regularly. Don't wait for these papers to pile up. Further, record and compute these initial scores. If you use a spreadsheet software for your grades, a template can be maximized, so, formulas are in place and initial scores are updated.

With a little discipline in our work, these grades can just be hurdled through without breaking your wrists or someone else's neck. LOL!

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