Friday, October 22, 2010

When Failing Marks Sadden a Teacher’s Heart

I have been a student for longer years than average and not because of academic delinquency but simply because of passion for education. Earning high grades was easy but this was earned through hard work, long hours and strong discipline.

I might have had stricter days during the course of my teaching career but most of the time, I am simply patient, understandable and friendly. Gone were the days that I was overbearing and nasty, so, somehow the grades were made out of my students’ performance and my compassion. But, when students’ absences and low performance become too hard to bear, the grades are normally the first ones to be compromised. So, in spite of my desire to see my students learn and acquire character, it somehow saddens me that I still have to see students get failing marks. I am quite forsure that they are not stupid to pass the subject but rather too uninterested with their schooling.

So, I quite wish that students shall attend to their studies because I am pretty sure parents and their guardians are more saddened by delinquent performances.

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