Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When Students Remember You

After 13 years of college teaching, I can only enjoy, get pissed off, get drained and be fulfilled with. And, the hardest part is not really preparing for the lectures day and night, or checking papers or making grades regularly, or getting missy when students pour out their hearts for some good or sad news. I get all mushy when I see my students leave the school for good especially during graduation ceremonies.

Then, reality kicks in again whey I have to see them on the streets or wander around malls or in other public places and they still remember me and bid thank you for everything.

Although, I give my hardest in teaching them academically, I think it is the wisdom for life and friendship that matter most to all of us.

So, I only wish that my students, old or new, shall be able to hurdle through life with wisdom and compassion.

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