Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where to Find Employment for New Graduates

It has been a chronic concern every after graduation  that newly graduates shall fend for themselves to look for a job and while economy remains bleak, chances of employment may be stiff but not at all impossible. With the right skills and education from formal trainings, it is not impossible to find a job and get employed.

But, where do we exactly search for job placement? Normally, when graduation is just around the corner, it is wiser that graduates send their applications to companies who are hiring and with  a note on your application that soon you will graduate but shows interest in the company, there is a chance  that you can be consider for short listing.

Further, checking your school's guidance office or similar department which pools job announcements can be a wise start too. Of course, we cant exclude the print media for our search and the wide berth of online community. More importantly, ask for referrals from friends, acquaintances and family members. Also, it wont hurt you if you simply give your job materials to any company of your interest for future hiring.

But, while waiting for a job, you can make your time worthwhile; you can do business by re-selling gadgets, books,  lingerie  , services and alike.

Employment may mean getting employed or self - employed, either way, your main goal is to put your skills and education to action.

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