Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are Teachers Lean?

Most of the teachers I know are lean while there are a few good number who are extremely big. Personally, my weight falls within the average - size women. But, teaching can somehow makes your weight go overboard because you spend most of your time between standing and sitting.

The only exercise I get from teaching is the switch I do from one classroom to another which sometimes includes climbing the stairs few floors up and down.

Since teachers are the center of attention once we start our class, it is only imperative that we must look good. And, if weights are beyond the normal ranges, we can only wish we can do fast - track diet, cosmetic surgery, diet pills and other alternatives  including for  thermogenic fat burners   wonder works. 

With my almost immobile teaching works, I can only go back to my jogging and taebo morning regimen, then, perhaps I can be one of the lean and good - looking teachers.

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