Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting

Practically every entity, commercial or otherwise, goes through online to sell and / or promote services and products to anyone in local and international arena. And, with this boundless territory, the online reader can search through one site to another.

But, if you own and run a website, it is quite imperative that your site runs 24 hours for 7 days without the technical glitches, so, you reach your readers and potential consumers with ease and speed. Studies show that it takes only less than 10 seconds to capture a site reader, so, if your site takes time to load, your reader shall opt to look for the next viable website.

So, if you need a webhosting for your personal or commercial websites, it pays to consider the following:

1. Price - Some web hosting  provider offer free hosting services but with hosting costs, these free host providers have to cover operational fees, thus, forced advertisements may be embedded into your sites. There are legitimate web host reviews too that compares top hosting services in terms of their prices, features, services and perks. Using these bases for assessments, you won't go wrong with your hosting provider.

2. Reliability - From the reviews, get only the sites that offer 95% or higher rates for full satisfaction. Your online transactions are made to be done, accurate, safe and reliable 24/7 otherwise you lose the trust and confidence of your clients and other stakeholders.

3. Bandwidth - This is measured in terms of the quantity of files transferred when your viewers load your site. Thus, a too - long - to - load website is bound to fail customer satisfaction and web hosting standards.

4. Disk Space - Some web hosting providers offer unlimited disk space but don't be swayed with this perk because normally  a 5MB space is enough to cover 120 web pages with associated files. So, if your website seems to be not using too many files, then, big spaces are unmaximized.

5. Other Features - if you need services like Email, MySQL, FTP, CPanel among others, then, consider these from your web hosting providers. Web hosting providers specifically ipage offers top web hosting services.


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