Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Have a Good Study Habit

To be an honor student is without difficulty and challenge. In fact, I often tell my students  that the easiest to earn is a failing mark. So, even a grade of 75 or the lowest passing grade is simply too difficult to acquire.

But, how do we develop the right discipline and  earn only good marks? You can try these  practical tips:

1. Acquire subject outline for advance reading. Normally, I read the resources with good  pendant lighting  whenever I have my free time. That way, I don't have to get lost during class instruction whenever the professor starts a new lesson.

2. Set holy hour or two for studying. When you are fixated with this arrangement, studying seems as easy as breathing.

3. Work on projects ahead of time. Sometimes, projects are given ahead, so, when schedule is not that tight, work on your projects, so, when exams are set, you have the time to review.

 4. Make an outline for an exam. Use an outline every time you review for an  exam. If the outline seems vague, go back to your old readings and reinstate your outline.

5. Study with a peer or go solo. Depending on your exam, you can go solo review or group review. Study with motivated individuals only.

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