Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Limit Your Chances to Switch Courses

Just recently, I had a chit - chat with my old student before and during the course of conversation, he happened to tell me that he shifted course after two years or so in an his prior course.

The shift in course is quite difficult and expensive since students who switched courses not only wasted a lot on their old courses but they also wasted their time and efforts pursuing the wrong course.

So, how do we exactly avoid this switch - course issues? I can only cite these practical ways:

  • Know your interests. It is quite difficult to pursue a degree that is way boring or uninteresting for you. This is normally the case for those who pursue courses out of parental and social pressures. So, a reflection of what you love to learn and attend to everyday matters a lot. 
  • Know your mental and physical capacities. Sometimes, the interest and inclinations are not matched by the students' academic skills. Thus, in spite of all hard work, students come short manifested normally on the grades acquired. 
  • Know your budget. Budget normally is one of the major reasons why students drop from school. So, finding other means like scholarships, loans and jobs can somehow address these problems.

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