Monday, November 15, 2010

Practical and Smart Tips to Make Teaching Works Lighter

Teaching is an easy but very draining job since you are most of the time indulged in paper works. More importantly, you drain your energy teaching your subject content to several students per subject per room.

Depending on the number of workloads, teaching can be lighter or simply hell of a burden. So, how we can really make our teaching job less difficult? I can only cite these easy - to - follow tips:

1. Prepare visual aids to make the topic more comprehendable and letting you reuse the aids at different times;

2. Delegate tasks to students like assigning someone to check attendance;

3. Check papers as they come or assign short - interval dates to check your papers. Don't wait for your papers to pile up.

4. Make use of technology like internet and other software to aid you in your instruction.

5. Prepare classroom activity (like group or field works) other than lecture or discussion to make your lecture time less but equally produces significant impact.

6. Have the right motivation. Teaching is both draining and underpaid but what can be more noble than the fact that you have the opportunity  to touch lives.

7. Simply have fun with your job and with your students, then, all your works become more worthwhile.

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