Saturday, November 27, 2010

School Reach - out Activities

It few days' time, December shall overwhelm  everyone and with this Christmas holiday spirit, most establishments start their holiday reach out activities. I remember in my old school, we would start collecting used clothes, toys, books and goodies to send to our adopted communities including a day care center.

Now, that I am separated from that school and just work for part - time arrangement, I can only suggest that school reach - out activities can be made.

For one, I had convinced my SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS  community to extend a Christmas reach - out to a local community. We can only hope that medical and dental mission can be done too  to help the community with their health issues including human growth hormone needs.  If you want to read more about human growth hormone,  click here to learn more about hgh   and be more informed and personally responsible.

In the spirit of holidays, we can only be hopeful, generous and kind to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

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