Monday, November 15, 2010

Should Teachers Accept Gifts

It is not unusual that teachers may accept gifts from their students, parents and others who appreciate their efforts. Personally, I would love to receive flowers and other stuffs during Teacher’s Day from my students. But, I appreciate more the kind words that they say after graduation that I actually touch  their lives in the small time that I was with them as their teacher.

Accepting gifts like flower, chocolates, food freebies, theater tickets, or promo discounts like  best cigar deals   may not pose a problem but sometimes, this becomes an issue when the gifts would require complementary action like passing marks or special favors.

Only teachers and students can really identify the motive of the gifts. If the gift – giving requires payback, I suggest, that gifts are rather refused. But, if the gift – giving is of sincere appreciation, teachers can only be grateful and appreciative.

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