Monday, November 15, 2010

Teach Right Values to Students

It is the hope of every school that its students and graduates shall exemplify the ideals of their schools, that they become responsible and honest individuals in the community and lastly, that they can contribute to the society’s development.

Thus, academic learning and values education are equally important. Needless to say, students and academicians should intrinsically value honest personal and social development.

We can all learn from our ancestors and from other individuals who create a big difference in the history of society from their simple and humble actions.

We can only enforce wide – berth of readings which include social, political and health issues including  apidexin reviews  to make sure that our students become open – minded and exposed to real national and global issues.

It is hoped that students can indeed draw a different direction for the greater public, then, perhaps all our fallen heroes can rejoice.

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