Thursday, November 18, 2010

When Teachers Get Sick

I am currently sick of German measles and since this is a viral disease, I can only be house arrested for a week, so, not to contaminate my students and fellow school colleagues.   And since I only work parttime, my absence constitutes no pay unless I do my make - up class. Good thing, my illness does not require any expensive medication or treatment, only isolation and paracetamol.

It is indeed in the time of health needs that health insurances like Blue Cross Blue Shield NC    can be quite preferred. Health bills on medications, laboratory tests and alike can be monstrous and if we have no health insurances, we can swarmed more in unwanted costs and anxiety.

I only hope that my one week of absence shall help me get recharged for a new semester's of work and the students can still attend to their subject requirements. As a teacher, I quite detest to be absent because I shall be missing my students and they shall miss more from their required learning.  I just have to endure until I can be up and running again for teaching.

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