Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don't Get Sick in School

School is one of the most public places that an individual can easily get sick. And, because of the close - knit relationship of students and school personnel with one another, it can't be avoided that possible illnesses are passed on from one individual to another. In fact, I seemed to acquire my measles when I started teaching for a week.

But, oftentimes, we get sick because of allergy. The damp weather, dusts, pollens and other allergens can actually trigger allergy. And, when allergy simply persists, we can only see our doctors for prompt attention. Good thing there are hospitals and clinics like  allergist austin    who cater to allergy - inflicted individuals.

School personnel and students must strongly encourage hygiene and cleanliness, so, to contain the spread of diseases. Allergy is non - infectious and knowing this will help other individuals know what to do.

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