Monday, December 6, 2010

How to Address Occupational Hazards of Teaching

Just like any job, teaching is one draining job that indeed requires long standing and too much writing. Normally, after a day's work of teaching, I can only complain of back and wrist aches.

While we can choose to resign from this job, we simply have fallen in love with this career that we can only endure. But, we can quite address our health issues through the following tips:

1. Exercise regularly to keep your  weights within normal ranges and protect you from weight - related illnesses;
2. Develop healthy diet and good posture;
3. Relieve your body pain and discomforts through compression pads from   compression stockings online  , massage  or pain reliever.
4.  Develop positive character over your work. Mental stress can be more difficult, thus, having a positive outlook of one's work can be a good head start.

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