Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Prepare for Your Major Exams

We shall be having our major exams this Tuesday and though we have practically completed our lessons prior to test, we quite doubt if our students have started their reviews. Earning a passing mark is never really easy; but, if without effort, students can only have a clear foresight of their grades.

So, if you are anticipating a major exam, perhaps, the following tips in my point of view as a college teacher may be helpful to you:

  • Using your course outline, study on topics with cited resources;
  • Schedule one week ahead how you should divide your time to study; Normally, I would start on difficult subjects, then, move my way to easier ones. That way, I shall have more time on subjects that need more pressing focus;
  • Make outline for your readings; You can also highlight best points on your notes or personal books;
  • Choose a convenient learning may it be your bedroom, veranda with or without companions;
  • Make mock test questionnaires to test your comprehension and other skills;
  • Study with more knowledgeable peers on topics that need guidance;

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