Sunday, December 12, 2010

School Organizations for Better Students

While schools are required to implement basic curricula of the Commission on Higher Education, they can actually implement supplementary instructions and programs to make sure that students  grow and learn better.

My school, STI Gensan, enforced a more proactive programs for the students and their parents. For one, there are now small circles of students who share the same passion, inclination or background. We even have a group for married students and boarding students.

With this change, our school expects that parents and students become closer with the school, so that, the latter can respond better. In fact, if there are student gatherings like weddings, birthdays, births and alike, teachers and administrators normally receive invitations and cards including  baby thank you cards  to boost.

With various organizations in school, students need not to settle for unwanted vices or peers with wrong influence. And, with elders to lead the organizations, they guide better their student members.

So, with motivated administration and passionate teachers plus effective student programs, students can only become better and brighter.

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