Friday, January 28, 2011

DepEd Implements No – Assignments over Weekends

It has been a prevailing issue before whether students should have assignments or not over the weekend but as a parent, I can only commend this proposal since the students of different levels deserve a break from 5 – day classes.

Some teachers however showed concern because the weekend can be a cause of slack in learning and that assignments should be given to re-enforce prior inputs albeit I say, this is still achieved if short assignments are given during weekdays. Also, the capability of teacher is challenged more to impart the right learning through effective medium.

Assignments are not 100% fool proof. In fact, some assignments are just copied are done by others that the ideal purpose of re-enforced learning is defeated.

I guess, teachers and parents can collectively assess the impact of this new proposal. But, for one, students deserve a break to be inspired to go school and not tortured with over-burdened school activities.

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