Friday, January 28, 2011

How Not to Flunk From Your Exams

As I type, my school holds its second major exam for the semester and though I am tasked to do the proctoring, I can only have my vigilant eyes command as most students if not all indeed try their best to answer their exams honestly and correctly.

But, taking an exam is not the major issue but passing is; thus, there is really no easy formula to earning a good mark than preparing for it.

So, how to really not fail from your exams, I can cite only these practical tips:

  • Review the course outline of your subject to know the topics covered and the recommended sources for readings;
  • Make an outline from your readings and when you are ready for review, you can just skim over the outline instead of the whole reading materials, giving you enough time to study on other subjects due for exams;
  • Schedule your reviews a week ahead at the most and allot appropriate time for each subject. Extend longer time to more difficult subjects.
  • Have fun in - between reviews like having a coffee or singing break using a   karaoke machine   with friends or peers.
  • If self – study is not inspiring or helping, join a study group instead.
  • Have a goal grade; while the minimum passing grade can be enough, a higher mark is not at all bad but better. 

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