Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brain Drain of Philippine Teachers Accelerates

In the recent national news, brain drain, a phenomenon worldwide particularly in the Philippines continues to accelerate. Worse, it accelerates in jet - speed since 2002 and we can't blame them when other countries offer higher and better pay and opportunities.

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For one, most teachers in the Philippines merely receive gross pay of  PHP 7,000.00 ($150) compared to $800 - $1000 elsewhere. This is also the case for the IT and health care industries as IT professionals and licensed nurses and doctors migrate for jobs abroad.

Personally, I would want to work abroad for better living but business and family make me all hesitant. Unless the government can really sustain a better economy for everyone, brain drain shall continue to be a problem and while the government takes pride in the OFW remittances, this is only an affirmation of employment issues in the country.  

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