Saturday, February 12, 2011

Harness Your Academic Skills

Skills are acquired either acquired through formal education or through self - study. But, whatever is the medium of acquiring new skills, it is important that we harness our natural and acquired talents to optimal level. Only then, we enjoy and give pleasure to others and acquire self satisfaction and esteem.

Experts also say that acquiring new skills can actually create new neuron connection that can prevent future mental dysfunctions. So, with these significant reasons, we can only learn more.

So, what skills can you acquire? I can only cite the following:

  • learn new cooking cuisines using le creuset like the Japanese, European, Chinese among others to surprise your loved ones;
  • learn driving a car, plane, bike, roller blades or anything of your interest or hobby;
  • read regularly to boost your comprehension, communication and problem solving skills;
  • enroll to a formal education or otherwise to learn a new language or two;
  • master any challenging activity like programming, science experiments among others. 
Irregardless of what new skills you can learn, the bottom line is always to have fun.

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