Thursday, February 3, 2011

Intrinsic Motivation: Your Way to Success

Having been an honor student since grade school to graduate school proves that with determination and focus, anything is possible. And, living my passion for teaching, writing, social responsiveness, business, and programming seems to affirm that I have accomplished much. But, there were days that I get drained and depressed of what I lack of  or have to accomplish. So, when I attended a seminar on Artificial Intelligence, I was all recharged and inspired to continue my masteral studies.

Intrinsic motivation plays a major drive in earning success. A few  may be lucky that they are born with silver spoon but for most individuals, emotional quotient (EQ) makes a difference.

So, how do we get inspired? We can look up to success stories, wisdom and art prints of great people.

Work or school is never easy but when we live out a positive attitude towards whatever endeavor at hand, anything is simply possible.

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