Monday, February 21, 2011

Personality Development Seminars: Do They Suck?

While most college student know what they want and need and get to have a lot of friends, some other college students wobble in despair and isolation. In fact, most social dysfunction and personal dilemmas become more persisting and troubling that school performance deteriorates, vices are acquired, and social problems occur.

So, while most schools have student services like guidance and counseling and personality development seminar to guide through students in their personal and social relationships. So, if one must ask if personality development really sucks? I honestly say, it does not because if the seminar includes improving my self confidence, enhancing my physical appearance through the right treatment and habits including  acne treatment   or harnessing my communication and PR skills, the time spent in personality development can be all worthwhile.

College can be tough but if students have the right character towards addressing personal and social pressures over and above academics, I bet, they can just go through college with fun and good memories.

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