Saturday, February 19, 2011

STI College Holds 16th National Youth Convention

Last February 18, 2011, around 300 IT students from STI General Santos City headed to Davao City to join other STIers and since I teach among first year students this first semester, I had the whole day off. I just had to use the free time to check on classroom papers and take a few hours watching classic movies.

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This year's theme, “Change I Want to See Starts with Me,” aims to ignite  the patriotism and to encourage them to start positive change within themselves and become more involved in their communities and in nation-building.

From the STI's HQ official website, I quote STI’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Peter K. Fernandez, “the NYC fosters camaraderie and a combination of traditional, innovative and superior learning in STI’s growing community. With over two decades as an educational institution, we are very pleased that this year, more than 30,000 STIers were given the opportunity to hone their skills and become globally competitive professionals of their time.”

I am pretty sure that my students shall share nice memories on their big travel and convention day.

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