Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why Most Kids Drop from School

Unfortunately, most students stop from earning their degree for various reasons. And, from conferences with students and parents, the following are oftentimes the reasons for dropping:

  • Financial constraint
  • Family issues
  • Wrong peers
  • Low performance
  • Vices
  • Wrong choices of course and / or school
  • Low self – esteem making social exposures and relationships difficult
  • Poor communication skills and personality 

Schooling is never easy but when parents, teachers and students identify the cause(s) of problems, address them through counseling, scholarships, study loans,   cash advance  or personality development sessions among others, the number of drop-outs can be highly reduced. While the number of drop – outs may vary from school to school, the root causes may fall on the same wavelength, thus, we can only mitigate.

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