Monday, February 21, 2011

Working Holiday But No - School on February 25

During the time Gloria Arroyo of the previous administration, holiday economics was a typical practice where Filipinos experience long weekends because of the holidays that were moved close to weekends. For most workers, the holiday economics was a delightful experience because they get to have paid breaks but for others who simply rely on pay - by - attendance, the holidays meant salary deductions. Further, not most commercial establishments were happy with the regular holidays and long weekends for obvious reasons.

However, when present president Benigno Aquino Jr revised the implementation of holiday economics causing even national holidays to be working holiday like the Edsa Revolution this February 25, 2011, the sentiments of most Filipinos are still divided. However, the schools shall suspend classes to give way for the celebration.

But, as a businessman, the working holiday is preferred because it can mean acquiring sales.

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