Friday, March 25, 2011

Fool - Proof Tips to Pass Exams

Exams are quite common among students; in  fact, if you are a college student, most schools offer two semesters in an academic year with at  least two exams to endure.

But, earning a passing mark is not at all easy especially for the delinquent or struggling  students. This is,  however, also true about earning a good grade.  So, to make sure that you pass your exams, you can make these tips some good habits, and earning a passing and remarkable grade can be easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

  1. Secure a subject / course outline to guide you with the topics, readings, resources and do further study if needed. You can't capture everything your professor says, thus, doing your own readings can further reinforce your professor's inputs;
  2. Have a disciplined and well  managed schedule. It is quite tempting if friends simply invite you for a weekend's escapade but when projects and other paper requirements are due, you only constrict your time to study for big exams;
  3. Prepare an outline from your readings or make a short guide for formulas, so, when you have time, you can review again but using your outline; You may use acronyms or hints just to help you remember concepts or formulas.
  4. Study a week earlier, so, you don't have to cram reading and remembering everything. With everything reviewed and covered with more than  ample time, you manage to have fun in between exams. 

There is no easy way to earning an honest grade, but, with discipline and motivation, you can pass any exam with flying colors.

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