Monday, March 7, 2011

STI GenSan Goes for Expansion Plus More Academic Programs

One of the directly supervised schools by STI Educational Systems includes STI General Santos. And, from its humble beginnings with humps in between, my school employer takes pride in holding various academic programs in IT and business.

But, with aggressive vision, comes the expansion of STI GenSan to include a 3 - story building to house  HRM faculty lounge, classrooms,   toilets  and laboratories.

Furthermore, we take pride in opening new programs to include AB MassComm and other unserved programs. So, with all the drastic changes, we are quite pressured to invite and to have freshmen and transferees to reach target of around 2000 enrolled students.

We can only be optimistic and support the marketing strategies of our school but with STI's national and global standards, updated academic programs, competent faculty and personnel and state - of - the - art laboratories, our end goals of achieving more enrollees shall be achieved in time.

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