Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Jobs Offering Career - Life Balance

I personally consider teaching as a lifelong learning, reading and endless skill upgrades. Personally, teaching is a tedious job as I attend to preparing lectures and  exams, checking papers and making grades. But, normally, most schools offer two months in summer as no - class days and they still receive their paychecks. Teaching in usual days however is tedious but surprisingly it is one of the top careers that offer balance between life  and career.

Yahoo cites the following top jobs with their justifications that offer a balance although in most jobs, I however disagree the inclusion.

  1. medical assistant
  2. sales representative
  3. teacher
  4. technical writer
  5. administrative assistant
  6. web designer
  7. computer programmer
While being technical writing and  designing can be done at home, they can still pose difficulty especially if deadlines are due. So, with effective and efficient time management, the list above can be all ok.

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