Friday, April 1, 2011

Effective Resume Tips

Now that academic year is done in most schools, a greater number of graduates search online for jobs here and abroad, go over newspaper ads for vacancy, and raid job fairs if they  are lucky. But, finding a job vacancy can be vain if your resume lacks professionalism among others, so, I quite like to post a few tips I found from Yahoo.

  1. Use longer than one page for resume. As long as you have enough information to convince your reader that you are indeed qualified for the job, the number of pages is immaterial; 
  2. Use always a  cover letter. A resume without a cover letter is usually discarded and cover letter gives you a chance to explain issues, objective that can't be found in resume;
  3.  You don't need an objective instead write a career summary to highlight  your achievements and experiences;
  4. Remain active even if you you are unemployed. Make your employment gaps shorter since they give negative implications to employers;
  5.  Be factual in your resume. Don't include lies or overstatements that can later bring you trouble or lose that job opportunity;
  6. Arrange your work experience in reversed chronological order. Write the most recent related working experiences then the least recent;
  7. Write your work experiences first before your educational qualifications, but, if you are fresh graduate, then educational qualifications can come on the top;
  8. Don't include references or a note that says, "references available upon request." Save the space for a more valuable information;
  9. Don't use fancy, scented, thick paper for appeal as more often than not, the resume is rather trashed. 

For a more detailed list of these tips, you can click here.

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