Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Schools Respond to Students of Different Religious Sects

Having taught both in sectarian and non - sectarian schools made me see how schools actually respond to their students' respective religious practices. And, as a Catholic, I can only respect the students' religious traditions and culture.

 For Catholic schools, the following practices are normally done:
  • prayers before and after class;
  • masses every month and during religious occasions like Mary's Birthday;
  •  retreats and recollections

But, while the Catholic students and personnel do their practices, the other non - Catholic are left on their own to do anything they want as long as within school premises or comply with the school policies.

However, recent times dictate social pressure on separating the Catholics from the non - catholics that special assemblies or activities are also opened to help boost their faith.

For non - sectarian schools, attendance to masses and prayers are voluntary. Provided that academic performance is uphold, any practice of faith is simply acceptable.  I have   students who have to be absent on Saturdays because they hold Church celebration on Saturdays and I can only feel obliged.

The bottom line is schools have respective policies when it comes to  religious practices and the school and students can only compromise as to how they can both address their individual needs without really crossing the line. 

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