Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Java: A Teacher's Perception

It is summer time again and I was asked to handle Java Programming among summer enrollees and so, with all the lecture slides, I used our Yahoo group account to share sample programs, exercises to help my students.

And, since I promised my students that I shall my blog to further help them, let me re-iterate the fundamentals of Java.

A programmer may have different styles to create a program that he may see appropriate for the problem. But, his ease and skills may tell otherwise, thus, it is not unusual when programmers try different languages to solve different programs. For instance, we make use of HTML or PHP to create websites, but, other programmers may try to use other software like Ruby on Rails or Java to create different websites.

But having taught Java and made a business application using NetBeans 6.1, I say, Java can be a powerful language that can be use and re - used.

This programming paradigm is widely used that different applications can be made, from simple school project to company business applications and websites and more.

For most part, students find Java difficult but if this software is thoroughly mastered and applied, it can bring out power and freedom for programmers or hell for the strugglers.

So, in closing, the choice for language depends on the programmer's skills and the type of problem on hand. If other software dictates a better and fast solution, a shift can be a welcoming option.

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