Thursday, April 28, 2011

Students' Hold Fun Run for Mother Earth

There is a welcoming acceptance for Earth Hour worldwide but the clamor for environment protection and preservation persists that April now is dubbed as Environment Awareness Month. Earth preservation should not just be a fling that can be ignored once the day or month of celebration passed by.  So, to make earth preservation and restoration  efforts be realized, we have to take collective and sustainable action.

For one, a public school holds a fun run for their bottle project. And, with the  minimum fee for registration, a good number of runners can be quite anticipated.

There is nothing more welcoming than nature's pride like smelling some good flowers. Good thing, we can raise them in our backyard or  buy them  using  ProFlowers coupon codes   for best flower collections and arrangement.

If we want to have a good future for our kids and next generation, students and everyone else should be responsive and proactive about taking care of our Mother Earth seriously.

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