Friday, April 22, 2011

Tips to Choosing the Right Web Host

Private and public institutions have different means to connect to their respective stakeholders and aside from the regular print and traditional alternatives, these institutions find the use of websites as a complementary medium with wider reach and regular presence.

With these benefits, private individuals have their personal websites and / or blogs for private use. Depending on the nature of these sites, these sites can be launched through web host provider for free or through fees.

Free web hosting may, however, provide limited storage, limited features and less assured reliability. More importantly, forced advertisements may be embedded in the website to pay off for the site’s maintenance.

These limitations are bases by which institutions and private individuals go for paid web hosting for better services. So, when you pick a web host provider like iPage, assess it according to the following criteria:

Expert and Customer Reviews. How do clients and technical experts say about their web hosting providers? If most people say they are dissatisfied, it is most likely that the web host provider flags a big danger sign.

Reliability. Your site should be accessible 24 / 7 and must hit a 95% or higher reliability rate otherwise you risk your stakeholders’ trust and support.

Bandwidth. It only takes a few seconds for a client to wait for a website to load, thus, when bandwidth is compromised and limited, the website can take time to load and upload data.

Storage. You don’t need bigger space if your website is quite limited. In fact, a 5MB space is enough to store 120 web pages and their supporting files. So, unlimited space may mean extra costs, however, if added space has no hidden costs, then, bigger storage can be a big bonus.

Other features. Features like email, FTP, MySQL among others may be needed. Thus, make sure that your webhosting providers meet your unique needs.

Technical Support. A web host provider must be responsive and proactive of its clients. So, when you have complaints or issues about your website, assess its response time. Are they available only daytime or during weekdays?

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